A Complete campus management ERP solution for all education verticals VidyaKalpavruksha platform has many amazing features for students, teachers and parents for great communication and overall efficiency. Many of the unique features will save a lot of time of the platform users and give access of important data on single click.

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Swavidya e learning App is a bundle of virtual classes, Flash card uploading,document uploading, video uploading, E-Assignment, online Exams features.

  1. Audio, Video, Screenshare, Raise hand, Recording, YouTube stream
  2. Launch Private Video channel with live chat, personal notes & much more
  3. Share Subject, chapter & topic wise files/docs to create entire digital syllabus
  4. Conduct staff meetings, parent meetings or any kind of joint discussions in App with scheduled reminders
  5. Create with ref Audio lectures pics & make revision content easily available for students via Flashcards
  6. Conduct & evaluate Online Test performance quickly and Online Assignment Submission with due date

Library automation software

Using a library automation software helps to take a huge amount of workload off the librarians in terms of acquisitions, cataloging, and circulation. It enables 0them to serve their patrons better. Moreover, integrating a library management software solution in schools or colleges or universities make it way easier to find books and manage/view the stockpiling arrangement. This further enhances the book collection of a library, as the librarians can weed out the outdated ones and order the latest versions so that the collection of the library stays sustainable.

Digital Library

Today’s technological advancement has transformed traditional libraries into digital library system, where documents and contents of various genres can be stored in digitized format and can be retrieved more easily.

Digital library solution, we cater to multidisciplinary needs, allowing web based access to all types of digital data of an organization, supporting multi-media formats like MP3, MP4, WAV, AVI, MPEG and image formats like .jpg, jpeg, png, .bmp and .tiff, apart from regular PDF and word files.. Content upload, access and publications are strictly controlled by the administrator, making the software accessible only to authorized members within the organization. This digital library also offers the feature of multilevel sharing access and workers can get hold of the documents according to their roles and rights.


Smart class with content for K12 Classes

Use of smart learning system increases the interaction of teachers and students, as they follow each other in the process and it becomes easy for teachers as well, to keep a track on students learning power. Also, the use of smart classes and modern technology eases the learning process and content available for State board, CBSE and ICSE syllabus.