Land Acquisition Management System (LAMS)


Land Acquisition Management System (LAMS) is a Web-based application that streamlines the entire life-cycle of the land acquisition process, and provides acquisition and property information more rapidly and more cost effective than ever.

LAMS, an out-of-the-box software developed by Sitara, is an extensive geospatial business solution for managing, serving, and updating land information. LAMS has innovative features like integrating land records with project details, which simultaneously change as the database gets updated.

LAMS is developed keeping in mind users at various levels.

The stored documents can be authorised for access depending on the level of the user.

LAMS reduces the amount of time taken for tracking and updating the complete project, as well as the amount of effort, labor, and costs involved. The user-friendly software provides a detailed display of the land deeds and other information. LAMS is a highly customized software and also prepares interactive reports.

Organisation and access of project details can become cumbersome due to the involvement of multiple departments.

LAMS drastically reduces the turn-around time on this by flawlessly streamlining the updation and access of all details relating to a particular project.

Process Flow

Procurement (Lead Entries)

  • Collect data from lead executives
  • Data entry with initial status flag
  • Database entry (one time)

Legal (Pre-Purchase)

  • Inspection of legal documents or for more procurements if needed with information flags
  • Making data available (approved) to revenue for further processing
  • Database entry (retrieval and updation)

Revenue (Settlement)

  • Final inspection (may send data back to legal or finalization) with information flags
  • Cycle completion with final ready status flag
  • Database entry (retrieval and updation)

List of Modules

  • Leads Management (Procurement)
  • Land Acquisition Management
  • Revenue Management
  • File Management
  • User Specific Security Management
  • MIS Reporting